Emily Wenzel has been involved with sports and athletics most of her life. She began playing soccer at a young age. From there, she also played tennis, volleyball, and softball. She is passionate about fitness, wellness and healthy living. Emily began personal training in 2004 through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The following year, she began teaching mat Pilates and studied the philosophy and foundation of Pilates. She was then drawn to the equipment teaching on the reformer. After recognizing the beauty of Pilates, she continued her education and training. Her certifications are through PHI Pilates and The Pilates Coach. Emily has worked with other instructors learning classical as well as a variety of contemporary style of Pilates to stay well rounded, up to date, and creative with today’s population and lifestyle. Emily teaches on the Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Trapeze, Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair, and Orbitz. Other equipment and classes included resistance bands, medicine ball, trampoline, foam roller, stability ball, bosu ball, Pilates Ball, free weights, stability saucers and gliders. Emily enjoys getting creative incorporating the Pilates principals in different classes such as a barefoot fun energetic movement class she calls Moves and Grooves and Pilates on the Stand Up Paddleboard.
Additional studies are: Qi Gong, the MVe Chair, Paul Check (the Paul Check Institute), Siri Dharma Galliano (Renowned Pilates Instructor), spinning, group exercise including step aerobics, flexibility, circuit and strength training, TRX and more. Other areas of interest are herbal medicine and remedies, music, gluten free herbal cooking and organic gardening.
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