Sarah Lesch is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher. Her classes are an intuitive expression of movement and breath. She believes that through yoga and meditation, we can begin to let go of self-imposed limitations allowing our minds to flourish with creativity and joy.

Following the wisdom that the individual epitomizes the universe, she promotes self awareness and personal growth. She leads meditation workshops, advanced asana workshops, as well as Stand-Up Paddleboarding adventures. Her writing has been featured in Elephant Journal, Satori Report, and Mind Yourself Well.

She is mother of three boys and has said, “I keep practicing yoga for what it does off the mat. It allows me to be more present with my children and more awake in my life. I feel connected to the “rasa” or juiciness of life when my mind is less cluttered. Each day feels like a wonderful gift.”

Sarah’s breathing techniques helped me recover from surgery in the hospital.
Sarah’s teachings inspired me to want to share yoga with others. Now I am enrolled in yoga teacher training.
Sarah’s private instruction has helped me overcome fatigue.