Stretch, Breathe, Play Justin Rockett is a native Floridian living in Tampa, Florida and has been practicing yoga for 5 years. His love for this art is an extension of his gymnastics and dance background. After longing for a spiritual connection and wanting to dive deeper into his practice, he has recently completed a 200 hr Prana Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Micheline Berry. Justin has been a licensed massage therapist for 7 years and a Physical Therapist for 12 years. He has a BS in Physical Therapy where he graduated from the Netherlands. As a Massage Therapist, he incorporates breathwork, meditation, Reiki, and thai massage into his relaxation and deep tissue sessions. Justin teaches Prana Flow which is a system of vinyassa style yoga postures linked intelligently in order to safely allow the body to be grounded and uplifted in a fluid dynamic nature. Simplified instruction of Prana yoga, the life force of all living matter and Breath, the key to sustainability are the foundation to this exciting practice. He utilizes letting go through sound, dance and playfulness. After leaving any yoga classes with Justin, you will feel a new sense of connection with your authentic self. Justin’s philosophy is that in order for optimal output in life, one must take time to refuel and recharge the body, mind and soul. “My purpose in this lifetime is to provide healing touch and assist others in finding ease, peace, and acceptance within their own sacred divinity”